dronepilot.gl have 3 certified dronepilots.

Anders Berthelsen

Owner of Made in Nuuk Productions, have been in film/photo branch in a decade.
Anders’ speciality is colorgrading, editing, cinematic recordings etc.
Anders normally flies with Inspire 2 RAW and Phantom 4 Pro.

Anders have a Danish CAA approved drone license.

Contact: anders@dronepilot.gl


Erik Christensen

Our new in the class have class for him selves. He got a lot of hobbies, and have IT-educations as background.
Eriks speciality is 3D Mapping, photogrammetry and production of bigger data masses. 
Erik flies normally with Phantom 4.

Erik have a Danish CAA approved drone license.

Contact: erik@dronepilot.gl


Mads Petersen

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Owner of dronepilot.gl, started the company in 2015 as a hobby.
Mads’ speciality is administration, travel-fixing, agreements, datahandling and documentations.
Mads have a decade of experience in aviation, some experience in datahandling of inspections of powerlines and transmissionlines.
Beside that, Mads now have experience of being Offshore – Oil & Gas industry.
Mads flies normally with Phantom 4 Pro v. 2 and Inspire 2.

Mads have Danish CAA and German CAA approved drone licenses.

Our fleet is guidance and we strive to make customer wishes as our priority since we want customer focus.

Contact: info@dronepilot.gl