Become a professional drone pilot in less than 1 week!

Have you considered exploring the possibilities of a new, interesting technology that opens up a lot of exciting career opportunities? will again offer something extremely good to the private and public sectors in cooperation with!

The drones are here to stay and with this approved training, you get all the skills needed to either offer drone services in your own company or join a team in a larger company responsible for the drone area.

The training consists of a weighted mix of theory and practice, where you gain knowledge and hands-on experience in four key areas where drones have great potential: TV production, 3D modelling, thermographing and inspection by drones.

The drone pilot training is a seal of approval for your skills as a drone pilot and guarantees companies that they get a competent drone pilot in who has a solid knowledge of the equipment, rules, opportunities and challenges, as well as the security that you will be able to enter and relieve the company from day one.

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Course plan – what do you learn in our masterclass?

Day 1 – Flight technology for professionals

You’ll learn how to set up the drone, what safety mechanisms you can use in different situations, and how to rescue the drone in pressured situations to avoid crashes and accidents. You’ll learn what situations you can expect problems with interference, wind, and weather – and you know exactly what to do when events occur.

Day 2 – Photo and video production

When handing a product to a customer or employer, it is important, among other things, that you have set the camera correctly, set the best possible composition and exposed the material correctly. All things that are difficult – if not impossible – to rectify afterwards. You’ll learn how to produce images and video with your drone in such high quality that you can sell it afterwards.

Day 3 – Inspections with drones

We’ll explore in-depth how you’re going to fly in different situations and how best to use the tools available to drones to solve your task – both in terms of data collection and security. We take in some typical cases where you learn how to inspect wind turbines, building roofs and infrastructure. You get our professional blue prints so you know exactly what to do – and what you need to pay special attention to.

Day 4 – Mapping and models with drones

Here you will learn how to use the data you have collected from the inspection to design maps and models. Often, maps and models are the best way to present data to customers or employers, as it provides a visual overview of your results. Here are a number of important actions that you must always remember and a lot of pitfalls that you need to navigate around to achieve results that you can present and apply in professional contexts.

Day 5 – Thermographing with drones

Drones are available with thermographing cameras that can read heat radiation and collect some interesting data for subsequent analysis. Here you can use it to track leaks, poor insulation and more. Typically, thermographing is linked to both inspections and/or mapping. Thermographing is complicated physics, and hard to cover in a single day. Therefore, you get a compressed overview, where to learn the right procedures – and how to get the right data collected.

An education with opportunities!

Lots of areas where drones solve tasks more efficiently and safely!

  • Commercials – Pictures and video from the air
  • Inspections
  • Presentations
  • Thermography
  • Mapping
  • Agriculture