Drone-certificates are expired and exemptions are reintroduced

Being in Greenland, belonging to Danish Airspace and flying under EU-rules can cause explanatory problems.

But we would like to make it clear, in text, how the dronecertificates as pr. December 31st 2020 expired – and where exemptions were reintroduced with the requirements for liability insurance and operating manuals are in force.

The exemption system

The period between 2014-2016 we had the exemption system in Greenland, where there were restrictive rules for drone-flying, which included the following:

  1. Keep 5km distance to airports and heliports
  2. Do not fly in urban areas

Those two rules limited the possibilities of flying drones in Greenland.

Hence that one could apply for a so-called exemption for the rules, to get accepted to fly closer than 5km to airports and heliports and flying in urban areas.

The exemption was possible to obtain if you have been doing following:

  1. To attend a course at dronepilot.gl
  2. To have an approved operating manual (included in our course package) where you describe which procedures you follow to comply with the legislation

We offered both through dronepilot.gl so that after attending a course with us, you could get your exemption and fly legally in Greenland.

Drone-certificate system

In 2016 a new regulation system was introduced in Denmark.

The rules were the same, but instead of an exemption you needed to have a drone-certificate. This was obtained exclusively through a course, so that the requirement for operating manuals was waived.

dronepilot.gl therefore offered all course participants a drone-certificate instead, so that after attending a course with us, you could get your drone certificate and fly legally in Greenland.

The rules from 2021

New EU-regulation has been introduced at the transition to 2021, and since Greenland is not a member of the EU, Greenland is now returning to the exemption system.

This means that anyone who wants to fly closer to airports and heliports and fly in urban areas must live up for the requirement for exemptions again, which of course requires a course and an operations manual.

This is exactly what you will get on our course through dronepilot.gl

If you already have a drone certificate from the previous system, it is simply being equated with an exemption in the future, and you can continue to fly as you did before.

So it does not matter if you have an exemption or a drone-certificate.

The only difference is that you can no longer get a drone-certificate – know it is only an exemption you can get.