Are you looking for professional dronepilots?

Here is a short reel of different footages we have been taken with drones from several areas in Greenland.
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Made in Nuuk Production and have with the collaboration given the market an opportunity to deliver without a doubt the best Greenlandic Droneservices, with exemption allowances to fly drones in congested/build-up areas in Greenland.

Made in Nuuk Production have several years of experience with publication of photo and movies with professional touch, settings and framings, cutting movies, correct camera settings on drone and cameras, and is able to deliver customer oriented formats.

Film/TV production
Aerial photo
Insurance cases

With expansion of a collaboration with Erik Christensen, we are also able to deliver 3D Mappings with down to millimeter precisions.

Feel welcome to contact us, if you have any questions.

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Anders Berthelsen / Made in Nuuk Production
Mads Petersen /

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