dronepilot.gl offers photography and video footages in TOP QUALITY for reasonable pricing.

The prices varies after which type we deliver, and we are able to deliver following types:

  • Film/TV Production
  • Aerial imagery
  • Events (small footages)
  • Inspections
  • Insurance cases
  • Commercial works
  • Presentations

Footages are delivered as raw material, and the pricing starts at 1895,- DKK pr. hour.
We can also offer to edit the content, where the pricing start at 595,- DKK pr. hour.

Write to us at: info@dronepilot.gl – to get a non bonding offer.

Do you think our prices are high, so take in the consideration – that:

  • We do it legally
  • We do it professional with the CUSTOMER in focus
  • We pay annual insurance
  • We update software
  • We do maintenance on hardware
  • We paid for courses, exemption applications and consultants
  • We risk to loose our drones